Option Descriptions

This section of the website describes each of the Pick guard options I offer and what to do if you don't see the option you are looking for.

Orientation: This one should be pretty self explanatory
• Right Handed
• Left Handed

Material Options: This is your material choice for the pick guard. It is also the key factor that determines the final price of your pick guard. You'll see something like this...

• Black/White/Black .090 - GLOSS (+$17.00)

... This means you are selecting Black/White/Black three ply material at a thickness of .090" which is an industry standard pick guard thickness. GLOSS indicates that it will have a factory gloss finish after you check the fit and peel the protective liner from your pick guard. The (+$17.00) means that amount is added to the base price of the pick guard indicated at the top of the pick guard item page. So for example, a Strat Pick Guard has a base price of $18.00 so the black/white/black material for that pick guard is an additional $17.00 for a total of $35.00

Neck Pickup, Middle Pickup, Bridge Pickup: These are your pickup options. Some standards offered here but not limited to these alone.

• S = Strat Single Coil.
• SA = Strat Single Coil - Standard Angle = Low E side tilted towards Neck.
• SRA = Strat Single Coil - Reverse Angle = Low E side tilted towards Bridge.
• H1 = Humbucker with cover.
• H2 = Humbucker Open Coil - No Cover - two mounting holes.
• H3 = Humbucker Open Coil - No Cover - three mounting holes
• S1 = Tele Standard Neck Pickup.
• TB = Tele Standard Bridge Pickup with Tele Tilt Angle.
• WRH = Wide Range Humbucker such as on a 72 Tele Deluxe.
• MH = Mini Humbucker - You will need to specify because these vary. If not specified we will use our most common Seymour Duncan cut.
• P90 = P90 non dog ear pickup
• NO PICKUP = When you want to leave a pickup space blank. For some occasions this will subtract an amount from your total.
• SEE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS = When you want to use a specific pickup not on this list. You will need to provide a direct link to the manufacturers dimensions page or pride specific dimensions for the pickup cut.

Pickup Mounting Hole Options: This is to specify if you want the mounting holes for the pickups countersunk or not.
• No

Control Options: This is to specify how you want the controls configured.
• Standard Control Layout = Standard Controls in standard position with no changes.
• NO CONTROLS(-$0.50) = No Controls on guard and subtracts .50 cents from your total
• SEE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS = You can specify how you want the controls configured, for example, you may want the two tone holes but not the volume pot hole drilled on your Strat guard etc.

Switch Options: Allows you to select what kind of Pickup Selector Switch you want to use.

Bridge Cut Options: Allows you to select how you want the bridge pocket cut.

Edge Cut Options: Allows you to select what bevel angle you want or if you don't want a beveled edge. In some cases a Pick Guard, Back Plate or any other item may only be able to have a 30 degree bevel when the mounting holes are too close to the edge.

Template Options: This option asks you to select if you plan to use the stock template we offer based off of out PDF outline or if you plan on sending us something to copy.
• Use Stock Template = you want us to use the template we have on file based on our PDF outline.
• I am providing an original for duplication (+$20.00) = you plan to send your original for duplication and a $20.00 template setup fee will be added to the order.
• I am providing a tracing for duplication (+$20.00) = you plan to send a tracing for duplication and a $20.00 template setup fee will be added to the order.

I Agree: This option is here to remind you that you should check the PDF outline to be sure the pick guard you are ordering is the right one for your needs.
• I have checked the PDF outline and it will work for me = You are stating that you printed the PDF at 100% scale and have determine it will work for you.
• I'll take my chances = For some reason you have decided not to check the PDF outline and you will take your chances with what you get. No returns will be accepted for non fit issues if you select this option.

Special Instructions: This is where you type in specific instructions about your needs for your pick guard.