Turn Around Time / Lead time

(UPDATE 4-17-2012 - Current Turnaround time is about two weeks to ship date from time of order)

Orders can take about two to three weeks to complete depending on our current work load, material availability or other variables.

Terrapin Guitars LLC is a Custom Shop. All orders are custom made. There is nothing in stock ready to ship.

Order status information cannot be specifically provided if you inquire about the status of your order within the three week time frame indicated above.

Every effort is made to complete your order within the specified turnaround time however sometimes orders can take longer depending on various circumstances and the current shop workload during the time your order is placed.

During any major Holiday or during the Christmas season it should be expected that orders will take a little longer.

If you are providing an original or a tracing you should expect three weeks for your order to be completed from the time the tracing or original is received at Terrapin Guitars. Complete and accurate instructions should be provided to avoid any additional time being added to production.

If you are requesting modifications to an existing template or if you are providing an image as an example it should reflect exactly what it is you want including beveled edges, mounting holes, control holes, pickup cuts and neck and bridge cuts to avoid any additional time being added to production.

If you send in an original or a tracing it may not be reviewed right away so it is very important that you provide accurate and detailed information to avoid any additional time being added to production. The job will usually ship within a few days after it has been reviewed and the drawing and template have been produced.

Terrapin Guitars reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order where the provided materials such as tracings or example images and dimensions are incomplete, inadequate or insufficient for completion of a quality product.

Turnaround time for any order does not include shipping transit time.