Confirming PDF Files Print at 100% Scale

Printing at 100% scale involves making sure the when the printer dialog appears for your printer when you send the file to print you want to look for an option that allows you to set page scaling to NONE.

The following is an example of what the Printer dialogue might look like and what section the setting is in. I have highlighted the area.

You can confirm you have printed at 100% scale by measuring the dimension lines provided on the PDF file.

Many pick guards are too big to fit on a standard size sheet of printer paper. In many cases the files are set up on what is known as a Tabloid (17" x 11") size sheet of paper, landscape oriented. I realize that most people do not have the capability to print this size. A solution would be to take the file to a copy Service Bureau like KINKO's to have it printed at 100% scale.

If you have trouble with PDF files then the other options are:

• Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with a request for a physical copy of an outline to:
Terrapin Guitars, PO Box 11565, Eugene, OR 97440.
Order a Laser Cut PDF file which is more rigid and allows you to check the fit better or dial in a custom template etc. Any modifications beyond leaving something off or changing pickup or control configuration will result in an additional template fee if you decide to proceed with an order.