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Material Thickness
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The thickness of Pick Guard Material varies.

When you see the following numbers: .028" .030", .060", .070", .090", .100", .125" in reference to a particular material it is referring to the thickness of the material.

Fractional equivalents of these numbers are as follows:

.028" &.030" = roughly 1/32 inch
.060" = roughly 1/16 inch
.090" = roughly 3/32 inch
.125"= 1/8 inch

When you see the colors of a material listing separated by a / symbol it is referring to the ply layers of the material

For example: White/Black/White .090 represents a 3 ply material with the top layer being white, the middle layer being black and the bottom layer being white and the thickness of the material being .090 inches thick.