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What's a Beveled Edge
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A Beveled Edge refers to the cut along the outer edge of the pick guard.

In most cases the standard Beveled Edge is a 45° angle cut as pictured above but in some cases it can be a 30° angle cut which is a steeper angle along teh edge with less of a cut into teh pick guard. What determines which cut we use is how close to the edge the mounting holes of the pick guard are. If the mounting holes are too close to the edge then we use a 30° angle cut so as to accommodate both the Beveled edge and the countersinking of the screw holes which is required for most pick guard screws.

There is generally no bevel cut in the areas of the Neck or Bridge pocket of the pick guard.

Most thinner materials such as .030" thick materials generally do not come with a bevel but it is a default option on this web site.