Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines
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Customer Provided Artwork Guidelines:

• Customer provided artwork setup fee: $15.00 - non refundable.

Your artwork must meet the minimum artwork requirements

• Modifications to existing designs or design time based on your instructions start at a minimum of $5.00 and go up from there depending on what is involved. We can revise or customize any of our existing designs or colors, modify or composite your images and scan your artwork for you. We will lay it all out on the pick guard template of your choice and email you a digital low resolution (screen) poof.

Minimum Artwork Requirements

• Your artwork should be a high resolution image of at lest 200 dpi.

• Your image should be full size, meaning it should be big enough to cover the intended pick guard . If you send an image that is low resolution, like a web image that is 2" x 3" and we have to scale it up to 9" x 12", you will lose a considerable amount of clarity in the image. The larger you blow up an image, the lower the resolution becomes, so it's best to start with a large image.

• Your image should be in CMYK color mode. Why? because the printing process can not reproduce all of the colors displayed on a monitor in RGB mode. The best way to see how your colors will really print is to use a program like Photoshop® or Paint Shop Pro.® to change to color mode to CMYK. You will see how some of the bright colors will darken.

• Image File Formats. The image you provide should be in a .JPG format with medium to high compression. We recommend .JPG because it will be the quickest to email, however, we can also accept raster formats .TIF, .BMP, .PSD but the file sizes will be huge and will be slow to email. They may not even go through due to email size restrictions. You can also mail us the file on CD.

We can also accept file in the following vector formats. Adobe® Illustrator® version 7 or higher .AI, Corel Draw® version 9 or higher .CDR

Scanning Tips:

When scanning an image it is best to scan a photograph for optimal clarity. The photograph should be scanned at 300 dpi and scaled up 200% or whatever is necessary to get it to the proper size for a pick guard. You will probably end up with a huge file size but you can save the file in the .JPG format to reduce file size.